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VMUG Usercon 2022 Abstract

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# VMUG Usercon 2022 Abstract

# Concept Description

Submission abstract for VMware User Group Usercons in 2022

# Text

# Five Lessons Learned from 45 Career Stories on The Nerd Journey Podcast

After interviewing over 45 unique guests through 160+ episodes since launch in July 2018, John White and Nick Korte are still just two nerds on a journey to career enlightenment. The journey has taken us through many twists, turns, and interesting scenarios along the way. We’ve heard real people’s struggles, triumphs, and experiences that span different jobs and life events. We’ve mined the episode catalog for some of the most impactful lessons our guests have learned and want to share them with you. Our hope is to provide meaningful insight upon which you can take action to further your career. Regardless of your role, title, age, or company…your journey can continue. If you’re ready to get started in moving your career forward, let’s take a trip together.

# Key Takeaway 1

Management is not the only way for you to advance. There are ways to lead without being a manager and ways to advance your career as an individual contributor that does not end in management. In fact, management may not even be an interest or something that is right for you.

# Key Takeaway 2

The pandemic has made life even more difficult for so many. What can you do to prevent burnout and preserve your mental health? We’ll share stories of people who have been through it and what they did to dig themselves out of it.

# Key Takeaway 3

What can you be doing to stand out in a hot job market? Proof of work, some marketing, and documentation…rinse and repeat

MOC - VMware Explore 2022 - VIB1558US - Adventures in Technical Career Progression

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