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Episode 12

Last updated Sep 4, 2022 Edit Source

# Episode 12

Original Recording Date 2018-09-23 

# 2:47 – Effective 1-on-1 Meetings with Your Manager 

# What constitutes giving your manager an action item? 

# A 1-on-1 meeting is not the same as a project check-in meeting 

# Career path questions 


# Whose job is it to bring up career progression first (yours, your manager’s, both)? 

# Cadence for a 1-on-1 should be weekly but bi-weekly at a minimum 

# What are organizational barriers that prevent regular 1-on-1 meetings? 

26:19 – How to Leave Your Organization Gracefully 

49:00 Outtro 

49:55 Stinger “I said it this time!”